At Purple Aura, handcrafting travel experiences is a passion and a way of life!

Purple Aura provides a highly exclusive, innovative and personal experience in bespoke travel planning. We create tailor-made itineraries for individuals and small groups; often to palaces, art galleries or museums, inaccessible to the general public. We are experienced and passionate about travel and ensure that you have an expertly planned, imaginative, tailor-made travel experience, delivered with the highest levels of customer care.

Bringing unusual perspective and sensitivity to the demands of our client’s lifestyles, meticulous care is extended from concept to logistics and fulfilment. Discretion, confidentiality and exclusivity are maintained around every aspect of our clients’ travel needs. From the sunrise of the journey to the sundown engulfed in nostalgia, our hand-picked, trans-continental partners ensure a Purple Aura experience never fades.


France offers a fabulous historic heritage and probably the most diversified natural environment of any country in Europe. They include fine vestiges of all European civilizations, the Roman remains of Provence, mediaeval castles and cathedrals, to the splendors of Versailles, the nineteenth century Eiffel Tower etc. Visitors are attracted by historic cities, a beautiful countryside, […]

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If there’s one European destination where art and life mingle so effortlessly, its Italy. Dante, Michelangelo, da Vinci and Botticelli, aesthetically co-exist with Salvatore Ferragamo, Giorgio Armani and Gualtiero Marchesi. Great food, fashion, art and architecture are life passions for the Italians. Many Italians care deeply about the floral aftertastes of sheep cheese, the correct […]

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Argentina today offers a wealth of rich experiences imbued with the same spirit of generous hospitality that has characterized its people throughout the centuries.

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United States offers multitude of options which are diverse, thematic and plenty. Every city has got excellent infrastructure and with its own unique charm and theme…

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