As the popular saying goes, Brazil is a land which, “was blessed by God and is naturally beautiful”.  Brazil as a nation is unusually blessed. It has the longest beaches, the largest river, the biggest forest and the best soil.

A trip to Brazil means, discovering   a place of warm tropical sun and 5000 miles of white-sand beaches,  impressive cities of 21st century opulence and sophistication,  baroque colonial towns and villages, plus music and dance.

Brazil offers the best in accommodation, facilities, equipment, creativity and quality of service.

Now, pamper yourself in the best luxury hotel, in Latin America’s most exciting city – Rio de Janeiro. Discover your own beach-side villa within the compound of a luxury hotel in Trancoso, Brazil’s trendiest beach village. Experience a private riverboat with captain, crew, chef and guide – the best way to discover the Amazon. Enjoy a luxury hotel located in the best part of Salvador.

Restaurants match the snobbiest standards, with regional cuisines that have yet to be discovered in culinary capitals like New York or L.A.  Music lovers could make Brazil a lifetime study and let’s not forget the famous Carnival of Brazil.

Of late, Brazil has devoted time and resources to improving its tourism infrastructure, reflected in the new airports, hotels, and inns that have sprung up around the country.