A country with a unique capital, 9,840 islands and endless opportunities for exploration, welcomes you to trove of millennial history. Stunning ancient monuments, beautiful scenery and bustling cosmopolitan cities, make Greece an exciting business meeting locale.

No other country in Europe offers such a wealth of historical sites and modern visitor facilities in one destination. It combines excellent conference facilities with unique museums, archaeological sites, shopping and nightlife. A meeting overlooking the Acropolis, a voyage in the Aegean, an island-hopping odyssey on the ancient sea, is all within reach.

Athens successfully blends ancient history with modern 21st-Century efficiency, to create a mesmerizing meeting destination. The city boasts 95,000m2 of conference space, 75,000 seats; 493 hotels, 30,000 rooms; 44 world class museums and 1,000 restaurants.

Athens is one of the only places in the world where a 2,500 year-old city can throw fresh perspective to your business’ future.