Turkey has been a favourite holiday destination for decades, with wonderful coastlines, clear seas, amazing scenery and a land steeped in history.

The first church built by man is in Antioch (Antakya) and the oldest known human settlement is said to be in Catalhoyuk, dating back to the 8th Millennium BC.

Istanbul the only city in the world built on two continents and was named by the EU as the European Capital of Culture in 2010. Once home to the Emperor Constantine and Ottoman sultans, Istanbul has a huge array of important buildings and modern galleries and museums.

Ephesus offers some of the best preserved sites in the world. Cappadocia is a great area for history and adventure in a lunar landscape; experience this incredible region in a hot air balloon. Turkey is a great place for a natural history with around 9000 species of flowers, 3000 are found nowhere else.

Dip into all manners of Turkish hamams around the country, the best being the therapeutic waters of Pamukkale and the mud baths and sulphur pools of Dalyan.

Turkey is a foodie’s paradise, with loads of mezes, salads and kebabs, vegetarian food and beans, filo pastry and cheeses and the favourite tandoor lamb.  Don’t miss out on the famous cherries, coffee and other Turkish delights.

It’s hardly surprising Turkey has attracted so many world famous people over the centuries. Come and discover Turkey’s legacy for yourself.